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Vauxhall Omega central locking fault

2003 Vauxhall Omega Problem

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CarVauxhall Omega 2.2 auto

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The Problem:

when using key fob only back doors lock.. when using key in drivers door back doors and drivers door locks, front passenger door stays open all times..only locks manually...checked all fuses . help!

Solution 1

Suggested Solution

Probably have to strip down n/s/f door and check for power at solenoid / actuator .Could be wiring fault .Don't know if you tried this if it would solve prob with key fob .

Vauxhall Opel Car Key Reprogramming

Please note the following instructions are for re-synchronising remote keys. This allows keys originally supplied with the vehicle to be reprogrammed if they should go out of synchronisation with the car's code. Keys can go out of sychronisation if the battery has been changed or the button has been pressed numerous times out of range of the vehicle.

It will NOT reprogram the remote facility on a newly supplied key or second hand from another vehicle.

1. Sit in the car with doors closed. Place the key into the ignition and turn to Pos II (lights on)

2. Now press the lock button on the key remote with the key still in the ignition for about 2 secs

3. The central locking will now lock then unlock to show the remote control is now synchronized

Additions: Vauxhall Opel models include Agila Corsa Astra Meriva Zafira Insignia Antara Vectra Signum

Posted on Sunday 18th of July 2010

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