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Hyundai Santa Fe just wont start

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Problem

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CarHyundai Santa Fe 2.0 deisel

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The Problem:

My car has been running fine however it will not start even with a tow, i have checked everything even making sure the deisel is getting to the plugs.
it turns over ok but just no sign of starting, i have tried the spare key checked the fuses but nothing, its as if there is a cut out switch stopping it from starting.
Can anyone helpme with this problem never ever happened in the last 4 years.

Thank you

Solution 1

Suggested Solution

poss an immobiliser fault,on most diesels the immob operates a valve that cuts off the fuel.needs to be checked by a diagnostic tool to scan for a problem

Posted on Saturday 29th of May 2010

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