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Nissan Tiida Transmission

2005 Nissan Tiida Problem

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The Problem:

The car loses power when driving and stalls to the point where it eventually shuts off. After re-start I'm able to drive until the problem recurs. Initially, fluid from the battery had spilled over unto bin plug leading to neutral switch and was sited as the cause of the problem. But later metallic residues (churned metal) was found in the transmission section.

The torque converter has now been found to be damaged.

Could this have been the problem originally??? Where can I source a bin plug or neutral switch or converter or transmission?????

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

there is a web site called find apart and all you do is go on the site and put the parts that you want and the type of car that you have and they will email you back with results of the parts that you need and prices

Posted on Tuesday 11th of March 2008

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