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Nissan Terrano Knocking in rear differential

2001 Nissan Terrano Problem

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CarNissan Terrano 2.7 SE Turbo
OwnerMartin Greenidge

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The Problem:

(a) When reversing slowly there is a "clonking sound" in the rear diff. While driving forward slowly only there is the same sound. Four wheel drive is not in use, but I have not tried these slow manoevres with four-wheel drive engaged.
(b) Temperature guage goes close to overheat mode when driving uphill fast or with load, for and extended period of time. This never happens on flat roads no matter how fast I drive.
Kindly tell me what is happening?

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

could be a universal joint that is the problem linking the diff to the tranmission get this looked at asap otherwise you are going to make it worse

Posted on Friday 7th of March 2008

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