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Ford Focus bonnet

2006 Ford Focus Problem

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CarFord Focus 1.6 tdi zetec
Ownerkarl lawlor

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The Problem:

the 2006 ford focus model does not have a pull/release system to open the bonnet. instead it requires you to flip the badge over and insert the key to release the bonet. i can get the key into the hole. there is no resistence when i turn the key. the bonnet will not open! any ideas?

Solution 1

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Apparently it is a common fault , read this .

Ford focus 56year key wont open bonnet

By dsides373 on Jan 01, 2010" " ford focus 56year key wont open bonnet stripped out grill the lock cable and plastic connection to the bonnet catch is there in front of me but i dont know how to disconnect the plastic connection or release the bonnet somehow tried loosening the 2 bolts on the hasp but that didnt work.
Jan 26, 2010- bonnet lock problem. took car to main ford dealer.they could not open the bonnet either so they had to order new lock system break off the faulty one and refit the new one.cost was 110 pounds this was one hour labour and cost of lock unit labour would have been more if i hadnt stipped the grill etc out.

I also have the same problem with a 2007 ford focus. I have been informed that it is a common problem and that the barrel needs to be changed. I believe it is necessary to open the bonnet by trying to remove the panel/ covers from under the front bumper. I managed to get the panel off by removing about 8 screws but I was still unable to open the bonnet.
If you have any luck, would you please respond.

Posted on Monday 22nd of February 2010

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Just opened my bonnet following this 'fix' and saved about 225 quoted by the main dealer!

Good luck


Posted on Saturday 15th of June 2013

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is there anyway of opening bonnet the whole plastic catch has snapped off and I need to open it as ive got an oil leak somewhere.

Posted on Monday 29th of July 2013

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