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Skoda Fabia Water temperature warning light

2000 Skoda Fabia Problem

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CarSkoda Fabia 1.4 comfort

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The Problem:

The water temperature warning light is coming un when first starting the car in the morning - after stopping and starting the car about 10 times it goes off and is OK then for the rest of the day. Local (Skoda specialist) garage (not a dealer) have replaced a sensor but it is still happening. Had the same problem last year and had the sensor replaced and was OK for about 5 months but had a sensor replaced yesterday and the warning light came on again this morning. The garage have said I may have a small crack in my radiator and could possibly need a new one. Please help - any advice gratefully recieved.

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Suggested Solution

Certainly seems like dud sensor . If you had a crack in rad . you would expect to see water / coolant loss ?

Posted on Friday 22nd of January 2010

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Has your water temp warning light problem gone away, Chattycathy? I have just started to get the warning light flash on on starting up from cold, and the temp gauge is as it always has been - after a few minutes goes to bang on 1/2 way and never moves. I wonder how safely this can be ignored?

Any further advise gratefully received.;


Posted on Saturday 6th of November 2010

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