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Rover 75 cooling system problems

2003 Rover 75 Problem

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CarRover 75 1.8 se petrol

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The Problem:

I've just had the head gasket done for the second time, the first time was before I owned it at 31k, the second time at 42k. I got it back yesterday, it's had all the parts renewed IE; water pump, thermostat, head bolts, cam belt, new coolant including new radiator. It had to have a radiator because after being built back up it wasn't right, the mechanic said it was getting warm but when he felt the radiator and bottom hose they were cold. Since I've picked it up the fan is on constantly until I rev the engine, then it goes off, but then comes back on again after driving off. My mechanic seems to think the head gasket shouldn't have gone so soon after being done the first time and also he found that the old gasket had silicone sealant on it and he couldn't understand why. Any ideas about my problems would be appreciated. Thanks

Solution 1

Suggested Solution

Was the head checked / skimmed ? Was the modified gasket kit fitted ? This from another forum explains ,

The original gasket used on the K Series engine was an elastomeric type. This is a steel core plate with rubber sealing beads. This worked quite well on the original engines, but was prone to failure on the later version of the engine. It was the subject of some small improvements over the years but continued to be a weak point.

Due to a very high failure rate on their Freelander model, a MLS (multi layer steel) gasket was introduced as a service fix. This gasket can be used on all K Series engines. It was designed to be used in conjunction with a new main bearing oil rail on Freelander, but many people don't bother with this on car applications. The new gasket includes a steel shim which must be fitted to the cylinder head face.

Hope it helps .

Posted on Wednesday 30th of December 2009

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