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Mercedes Benz Viano WONT START

2004 Mercedes Benz Viano Problem

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CarMercedes Benz Viano VITO111 2148cc Diesel Manual

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The Problem:

I have a 54 plate Vito 111 LWB Panel Van 2148cc Diesel Manual and when I enter my key in the ignition I get nothing the key wont turn therefore no ignition and I cant start the van.
I was told (by a Merc Dealer) "put the key in the ignition and hit the steering lock with a hammer" THIS DID NOT WORK I was then told by a mechanic to remove the steering lock and I would then be able to turn the key and start the van THIS DID NOT WORK

I have had problems on and off with the keyfob not locking and unlocking the van but when I suggested new batteries to the Merc Dealer they said the Keyfob was lighting up so it was fine.

any suggestions

Solution 1

Suggested Solution

there is a transponder in the key so if removing the iggy barrel you have to still put the key near the lock as there is an aerial to pick the key code.

Posted on Friday 4th of December 2009

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