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Ford Mondeo mondeo not starting after fuel filter change

2005 Ford Mondeo Problem

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CarFord Mondeo 2.0tdci

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The Problem:

hi lads i just serviced my mondeo (2.0- tdci) and i changed the fuel filter as normal but no matter what i do i cant get it to start and its running down the battery can any one help.??

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

Air in system ? hope this might help , someone with the same problem.

03-08-09 09:06 AM - Post#1801082

Hi Guys,

Just done the major service from which I gather only is the Fuel filter in addition to the standard service.

Had nightmares after changing the fuel filter, would not start, just turning over. Could visibly see no fuel was getting in to the engine on the clear pipe. Lots of air in the system.

Took ages to work out, basically their is a bicycle pump connector on top of the engine just before where the fuel goes in to the common rail pump. Ford must have a tool that connects here to pump the air out. What I did was get a bicycle pump extension lead and connect this to the valve. Then I got a fuel pump primer from a local car parts shop (10.00). Its basically a no return water pump that you squeeze. This drawed the fuel through and got the air out. Then you unscrew the valve before disconnecting the pump to keep the vacuum.

Started first time.

Like everything it would be a lot easier with the right tool for the job, but I'm sure Ford will want a lot for their version of the same thing.

Total cost of service with parts from Ford including oil 85.00 (37,500 miles)

Hope this is of use to anyone doing the same.


Posted on Saturday 7th of November 2009

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