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Rover Streetwise Central locking fault- it's possessed

2004 Rover Streetwise Problem

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CarRover Streetwise

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The Problem:

This problem started before the warantee ran out but is back

whilst driving...

1. The central locking pops open then shut then open then shut then open then shut

This is fairly random re number of times and frequency

2. The manic locking/unlocking sets off the car alarm which then attempts to arm

3. The hazard lights flash and cannot be turned off

4. The horn then beeps (this is infrequent)

5. The key fob will not work to lock or unlock the doors or break the pattern

6. The hazard lights will not turn off until the fuse is pulled

The garage replaced the main control unit
and said it was sorted

12 months later the offside door lock was replaced as it was felt this was the problem

last 6 months its happened again but only a few times and its seemed to settle down quickly

Now it's back with avengeance driving up the A1 with locks popping and hazards flashing and horn beeping is not funny!!!

Only solution pull the fuses (to lights and indicators)and get home asap

Its with the garage again but does anyone have an idea what it could be?

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

I,ve come across a similar problem on this model and i found some of the wires were chaffed on the drivers door pillar to door wiring loom. It's where i would of looked at first. Secondly i would have replaced the central door locking unit, which from memory also integrates the alarm system which is also connected to the horn and light circuit. Hope this helps.

Posted on Wednesday 14th of October 2009

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