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Ford Puma central locking

1998 Ford Puma Problem

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CarFord Puma 1.7

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The Problem:

i have just put new batteries in my key phob,and now the central locking wont work with the remote control,,i believe i have to re programme it,,,but dont know how too

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

I had a similar thing happen with my Puma, which
I've owned for over 8 years. My central locking stopped working and I assumed the battery in the key fob had died. I changed the key fob battery, but it didn't make any difference and I lived with the problem for several months.

However, the central locking miraculously started working again when I changed the car's battery. It seems that although the car battery held enough charge to start the engine reliably, it didn't have the power to work the central locking.

If you're still on your original car battery, try changing it. It might just be coincidence that the problem started at the same time you changed your key battery.

Posted on Wednesday 9th of September 2009

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