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Ford KA white smoke from under the bonnet

2000 Ford KA Problem

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CarFord KA

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The Problem:

I was driving to work this morning and I noticed when I was stationary that there was smoke coming form the drivers side under the bonnet. It's a white smoke and it isn't pouring out but it is noticeable. There weren't any warning indicator lights on the dashboard or anything. Any ideas as to what it might be please?

Solution 1

Suggested Solution

if its white then it might be steam and could possibly come from coolant hoses or may be the water pump check around the areas of the fan belt to see if there is any evidence of leaks

Posted on Saturday 15th of August 2009

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I have this same problem. The smoke does not have a strong odour, or a stong colour. It comes from the drivers side, but only after trips of 20 or more miles where the car has been run at 70 mph for most of this time. The temperture light does not come on. The smoke only apears when the vehical is stationary and the collant seams to be going down faster than normal.

I'm currently thinking that there is a coolant leak from somewhere. But I'm not sure where to check.

Posted on Tuesday 26th of January 2010

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