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Renault Modus check emissions

2054 Renault Modus Problem

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CarRenault Modus 1.4
Ownercheeky monkey

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The Problem:

the message check emmisions has come on the control panel the last time this happened 8 months ago the coil had gone so i assume that is what has happened is this a fault with this car. i have had the car one year and had nothing but bother with it. does anyone else have major problems with this car


Solution 1

Suggested Solution

Hi, I have a Modus 1.2 (54 plate). I also started to get a check emissions warning light (computer said misfire in cylindar 3). Had the coil pack replaced.... didn't fix the problem so took it to main deal.... they replaced an injector and adjusted the valve clearance. 8 months later same problem. After the dealership had it for 2days they reckoned it was a valve problem but they would need to strip the head to check.... total to check and replace valves 1900 (on top of the 400 i'd already paid of the injector and clearnace and 50 for the coil). Finally took it to local garage who replaced all exhaust valves for 1100 as one value was burn't out.... its strange that renault changed the cylinder head design of the engine from 56..... Neil

Posted on Sunday 11th of July 2010

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