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Renault Scenic intermittent starting

2002 Renault Scenic Problem

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CarRenault Scenic 2.0 l 16v fidji

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The Problem:

hello every one( NEWBI TO THE SITE )
the problem is sometimes i can get in the car turn the key & it starts firt time then the next time i get in it it turns over but wont fire up then when it does fire up the tick over is very poor so i have to rev it up and it goes ok been like this for a week now
i have changed the tdc sensor
its now doin my head in *** HELP PLEASE***

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

hi there, it may seem to be an immobilizer problem. renaults do suffer from decoder ring trouble thus giving intermittent start problems. the first thing to do is try starting the vehicle with the spare key. if fault persists, then seek a replacement decoder ring from your local renault dealer and fit. its a simple job 20mins is more than enough. if after that the problem is still there, then i'm afraid its off to renault to have the systems checked... hope this helps!!!

Posted on Wednesday 3rd of June 2009

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What do you think the problem may be if it wont start at all? It has happened to my mum's car about 4 times in the last six months, she has to get it towed everytime to the garage and they keep telling her they cant find anything wrong with it and return it to her running every time, would this also be an issue with the decoder ring? Her model is a six yr old 1.4 petrol? I would greatly appreciate any advise on this :-)

Posted on Monday 22nd of February 2010

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