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Mitsubishi Galant gearbox problem I think

1998 Mitsubishi Galant Problem

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CarMitsubishi Galant 2.5

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The Problem:

I was driving to work this morning then lost the drive from the auto gearbox.
I checked the gearbox oil level and found it to be low so I topped it up and the car wont move when in any gear. There is not any strange noises now or when it happened.
Any help would be great.

Solution 1

Suggested Solution

firstly did you check the oil level while the car was running as with all auto boxes you should only check the level when the car is running so sounds like you have over filled the transmission so i would say drain some of it off or all of it and refill with the right amount of oil required and see how you go from there

Posted on Sunday 1st of March 2009

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we have an imported legnum 1997 model and it has just done the same thing we have done all thats in the solution box but still hasn't changed anything any more suggestions ,as we got a quote to replace the automatic gear box for 764.00, but thats more that the cars worth.

Posted on Wednesday 14th of April 2010

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What was the outcome of the gear box issues as I have the similar problem at the moment. Initially the car was driving then just stopped. I can hear the tiptronic trying to engage and reverse but nothing. I checked the gear box fluid and it was over so I have drained about 2 litres at the moment. Didn't want to take a gear box out unless I really had too.

Posted on Thursday 16th of May 2013

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