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Ford KA heater not working

2001 Ford KA Problem

The Problem:

i have a ford ka 2001 model and the heater is not working. it only blows out cold air whenever i turn it on. help??

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Suggested Solution

Have you had a look at this similar problem: heater blowimg cold and brake light flickering

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Posted on Tuesday 7th of August 2012

Solution 1

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Suggested Solution

it's probably got an air lock in the system, when the engine is cold, take off the radiator cap, switch engine on, let it warm up, if it has air lock you'll see bubbles come out of the water and the water level will drop keep topping it up with water. switch the fan on at full speed you may need to rev engine as the temperature will drop, when there's no air lock left in the system the heater will start to blow warm/hot air, at this point replace the radiator cap and let the engine reach normal temperature.

Posted on Thursday 9th of August 2012
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