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Rover 45 gearbox will not change gear

2001 Rover 45 Problem

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CarRover 45 1.8 IXL Auto
Ownergary l

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The Problem:

Hi,i have a problem with my gearbox,as it will not change out of 1st gear.we have changed the inhibitor switch and the eletronic box which enables it to change gear.
The symptons started when she would for no reason,jump into 1st gear and rev like mad.
When this happened i had to pull over and turn off for a while,but as time went by it got more frequent and now she will not change at all,and the engine seems to be missfiring over 4000 revs.
We have put her on a couple of diaganostic machines at my local garage,but all that comes up is,RATIO CONTROLMOTOR OPEN CIRCUIT.
Can someone out there help,as we cannot afford another car,and we love the bloody thing for its comfort.
Regards gary l

Solution 1

Suggested Solution

You should have a transmission service as that would affect the changing of the gears, that is if the car was Automatic, and i suggest maybe a spark plug service if you think it is misfiring.

Posted on Friday 27th of July 2012

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