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BMW 3 Series Car chugging - no power while driving

1999 BMW 3 Series Problem

The Problem:

Hi All

new to this site, so appreciate any help I can get.

Have a '99 BMW 323 coupe - about 120,000 miles on the clock.

Got it serviced about 2 months ago but havent beent driving it much as have gotten a new car.

However, since I got it back from the garage (BMW dealership), the car is chugging, and there is absolutely NO power when accelerating.

Even when its sitting idle, it starts to chug, and sometimes cuts out.

We're hoping to sell the car, but if this kind of prob is gonna cost alot to fix - we might just scrap it.

All help welcome!

CarBMW 3 Series 323 Ci

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Solution 1

elannor67 | Driver | Since: Oct 2008 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 384 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

sounds like engine breathing problems. go back to dealer and have it checked!! i suspect crankcase vent valve problem... but check they have put the dipstick in firmly.. that could cause that problem.
hope this helps!!

Posted on Saturday 6th of December 2008
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Solution 2

Daley D | Driver | Since: May 2009 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 4 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

also make shore that the Catalyst isnt clogged up

Posted on Friday 29th of May 2009
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