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Renault Kangoo blowing 15A fuse 5 under bonnet

2001 Renault Kangoo Problem

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CarRenault Kangoo 1.9DTi RXE

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The Problem:


I have a problem with my Kangoo. My wife was driving it recently when it cut out on the approach to a roundablout. It wouldn't restart.

The RAC couldn't fix it and took it to a local mechanic, who couldn't fix it either, but he did identify that it was blowing fuse 5, a 15A fuse under the bonnet. He relaced the fuse with a 20A fuse and the car started normally. However, I am not prepared to drive it around like that as I consider the 15A fuse is there for a reason.

I have disconnected most enigine components (fuel pump, injectors, fuel sender/flow meter, various sensors in the engine, and the fuse still blows. I even changed the relays in the same fuse/relay box in the engine compartment I can't get hold of a wiring diagram to determine what fuse 5 protects, but I have been told it is the fuel injection computer.

Now the Glow Plug/engine incident light comes on to indicate heating of the plugs, then goes off as normal then comes back on after about a second and stays on.

Anyone have any ideas?



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