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Vauxhall Vectra instrument cluster stops working

2002 Vauxhall Vectra Problem

The Problem:

sometime when driving my car the insrument cluster drops to zero and stops working how ever it comes back on again when you open a door or restar the engine any had this before.. please help

CarVauxhall Vectra 2.2 sri

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Solution 1

Witty | Driver | Since: Feb 2011 | Posts: 12 | Fixes: 718 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

If this is the vectra c, then it is a common fault on these cars...

Posted on Sunday 22nd of April 2012
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Solution 2

creeder | Driver | Since: Feb 2010 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 128 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

if its a vectra c have known problems with the connection on the rear of cluster try removing them and cleaning the contacts giving the pins a slight twist

Posted on Monday 23rd of April 2012
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From Original Poster

greggyboy12 | Driver | Since: Apr 2012 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 2 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

I have a 02 vectra sri 2.2 with 76000 and
My steering has gone sloppy i have changed trackrod ends tie rods tyres and even had a 4 wheel alighnment done and still floppy any ideas

Posted on Thursday 3rd of May 2012
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Solution 3

Iain McNaugher | Driver | Since: Oct 2012 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 1 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

Fairly straight forward.
FIRST TRY FUSES= From the passenger side fusebox (remove the air bag cover you see only when the door is open):
1. First try removing Fuse 17 (bottom of second row)and replace, repeat this a few times to wear clean contact surface. Ensure fully home.
2. Then repeat with the large 40amp fuse (the massive orange one on its own at the top).
3. THEN TRY DASH ELECTRIC PLUG= Remove dashboard enough to get to rear electric plug. (To remove dashboard take off top steering wheel cowl including 2 cross screws on cowl, short silver trim RH side, partly remove long silver trim LH side, then slide out top cowl with leather attachment along the grooves where the trim was. Then remove 2 star type screws lower side of dash, and pull dash away from bottom to remove).
Once you have electric plug, depress white plastic sleeve and slide black locking strip over it. The plug should then come free. Then, similar to action on the fuses, replace and remove a few times to clean contact surface. On final replacement ensure plug is fully home. Then replace all items in reverse and this should sort things out.
TIP1: Use the steering drop lever to assist you in lowering/raising the steering wheel to make it easier.
TIP2: Dont follow the HAYNES manual or you will take a lot of stuff off you don't need to.

Posted on Tuesday 16th of October 2012
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