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Vauxhall Astra key fob wont stay paired

2002 Vauxhall Astra Problem

AutoInsider Ref#: 12228
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CarVauxhall Astra 1.7 diesel van
Ownerjohn connor

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The Problem:

after pairing the key fob to the van the central locking works fine then when i return to the van the fob wont work and i have to pair it again ive tried this three times today and it just wont stay paired

Solution 1

Suggested Solution

Hi, sounds like the battery in the keyfob is not making a good contact with the metal holder .Has the key got wet / damp , as this will create a barrier between battery and contacts that will result in an intermittent contact .
My Zafira key actualy had the battery holder fall off the circuit board , and i had to resolder it back on .But as the solder was breaking away it also gave an intermitent contact .
( if the battery is removed / contact lost -it has to be paired up again and again.
Iff the holder is secure then give the metal contacts and the battery faces a clean .

Posted on Wednesday 14th of March 2012

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