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2005 Peugeot 1007 Problem

CarPeugeot 1007 1.4 Sport semi-auto
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Hi, my 80yr old disabled mum has a 1007 semi auto, she loves it as its so easy to get in & out of, the problem she has is that occasionally at roundabouts or turning off main roads it cuts out & will not resart for a couple of minutes, it comes up in the info display "automatic gearbox fault" I have had the car on a diagnostic check & the only thing it came up with was the brake light switch, I have replaced this but the car keeps cutting out, any ideas ???????
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trafford1 | Driver | Since: Aug 2011 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 3 | View Garage
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My 307 was cutting out when slowing the car down at a junction, turning a corner or stopping at the traffic lights.

I know this is a different model, but it may help.

Does the rev counter drop to zero instantly when she slows or stops.

Could be the speedo sensor. I have just had mine replaced and no more cutting out. I don't know why it doesn't start straight away. Pretty scary for a lady of her age really.

Good luck

Posted on Friday 12th of August 2011
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Yodatatu | Driver | Since: Jul 2013 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 1 | View Garage
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Have had the exact same problem with my 55 plate 1007, the revs drop then it loses gears then revs like crazy as you still have your foot on the accelerator, always at junctions and roundabouts as i am slowing down.

Posted on Tuesday 13th of August 2013
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