Ford C-MAX Turbo boost power line low

2004 Ford C-MAX Problem

CarFord C-MAX 2.0L TDCi
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garage diagnosed turbo as faulty after looking at the ECU fault log, and I supplied the money for him to order the turbo, then 3 days later came back to me saying that there is a wiring fault and to come and collect the car. I think that the fault code was 0134 and it referred to the turbo boost power line being low.
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Circuit Know-how

A voltage of about 0.45 volts between terminals M12 and M29 approximately is provided by the Engine Control Module (ECM).It is to be noted also that in case it is measured with a 10 mega ohm digital voltmeter the reading may be 0.32 volts.
When the exhaust is rich the voltage gets altered between 1 volt and down through about 0.10 volts when the exhaust is lean.
This task is executed by the Oxygen Sensor (O2S).
If the voltage dips lesser than 315°C then the sensor which is like an open circuit, does not generate any voltage.
Open Loop operation is initiated by an open sensor circuit or cold sensor.
You need to get a complete new O2S assembly in case the O2S pigtail wiring, connector, or terminal is tampered.
It is advised that no attempt to mend the wiring, connector, or terminals is taken instead of complete replacement.
A constant and clean air reference which is got from the O2S wire(s) must be supplied so that the sensor functions smoothly.
The air reference may be partly or fully blocked and the O2S performance may be lowered considerably if any attempt to mend the wires, connector or terminals is made.

Posted on Sunday 8th of May 2011
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