Peugeot 206 Engine Cut out when slowing no speedo & reverse lights

2002 Peugeot 206 Problem

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I was driving my car recently when I slowed down at a junction it just cut out, as if the key had been taken out. It restarted fine but the speedo had stopped working.

Now it has no speedo, reverse lights don't work and the engine cuts out when I am slowing down to stop at junctions.

I initially thought fuse problem - so looked it up and found it shared the same fuse as reversing lights - checked them and they don't work either. Simple, I thought must be the fuse, No it isn't - all fuses are fine.

Next checked earth wires (the one from battery to gear box, the one from the gear box and the one behind the left lamp) all fine no probs

Tried bridging the reverse switch - no difference.

Bulbs etc all ok, if I apply current from the switch the lights come on but there is no voltage TO the switch from the ECU

I am thinking the problem might be the ECU or the BSI but they seem quite expensive and complicated to be messing about with - is there any way of determining which, if any are the fault?

The dash shows only the warning light driver's airbag which has been on since the service indicator appeared so I don't think that is related.

People have mentioned ABS problem but there is no warning light on the dash for this so I'm not convinced.

I have spent three days just trying to figure out the problem and I don't have a clue what to do next - any help greatly appreciated
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Suggested Solution

Just thought I would update this post to say it is now solved. When I was looking for potential solutions I did come across similar posts but all were unanswered so I am updating this just incase it helps others:

I called an auto electrician who found the problem, it was a break in the blue wire that goes from the fuse box in the engine bay to the reverse light switch.

Once this was repaired all the problems appeared to be ok - speedo working, reversing lights back on and engine not cutting out any more.

When I did the obd2 diagnostic the night before it came up with the following errors:

P0135 - 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1
P0141 - 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 2
P0105 - MAP circuit malfunction
P0110 - IAT sensor circuit malfunction
P0500 - Vehicle speed sensor A malfunction
P0200 - Injector circuit open
P0120 - TPS / Pedal position sensor A circuit malfunction

and they were all caused by a break in the blue wire in this wiring loom.

Thankfully this is one of those rare occasions when you don't hurt your wallet replacing things in hope they were the problem.

Hope this helps other is future.

Posted on Tuesday 12th of April 2011
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