Skoda Fabia power steering gone

2001 Skoda Fabia Problem

CarSkoda Fabia 1.4 comfort petrol
Ownerkevin fitz
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hello all. i have a skoda fabia and every now and then the power steering light comes on and there would be a slight stiffness in the steering. i topped up the power steering fluid and that did the trick for about 2miles until started acting as it was before. anyway, two days ago the power steering completly went and now it feels like im trying to steer a 40year old tractor. my mechanic plugged it into a computer but the computer wasnt allowing him access to the steering. he said it could be a number of things thats wrong and my best bet would to talk to a skoda mechanic and ask whats the most common thing to go wrong with the steering and then he'l try that first (to save time and money). did anyone ever have this problem before???
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So your mechanic doesn't know whats wrong and wants you to take it to someone else to diagnose and then bring it back to him to do the job ? You will be popular with whoever does the diagnostic if you take it away , apart from the charge for checking it out which will cost you .If the car came into my garage , I wouldn't charge for the diagnostic check if I was getting the job . The power steering is electro-hydraulic on that car , and the pump failure is quite common .You could also check the alternator output as this can affect it also .

Posted on Thursday 31st of March 2011
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