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CarCitroen C2 1.1 SX
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The last couple of days my normally extremely reliable C2 has struggled to start. When I first turn the key it sounds like there is no way it will start but after a couple of attempts it starts.

Sounds like a simple battery fault but, today it just cut out at a junction (started immediately I turned the ignition) and the clock/date has reset to zero. Could something else be wrong?
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thomkas_cars | Driver | Since: Nov 2007 | Posts: 2 | Fixes: 1053 | View Garage
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replace the car battery and have the car charge rate tested just to see that the alternator is giving of the right charge

Posted on Saturday 31st of May 2008
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Ces | Driver | Since: Sep 2010 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 0 | View Garage
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our C2 1.1 has had a similar problem. When this first happened I thought it was because the battery needed replacing, however, a few days after the new battery was fitted, it occured again - wipers started, panel lights came on then off again, loss of power, car stopped. I disconnected the positive battery lead and put it back on and the car started, I moved it a few yards and the above happened again!

It now has a new battery and will not start - battery doesn't turn the engine - any ideas what the cause of this might be?

many thanks

Posted on Tuesday 28th of September 2010
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Adamk4199 | Driver | Since: Aug 2018 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 1 | View Garage
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I'm having the same problem and it's still 3 weeks on a non starter

Posted on Tuesday 28th of August 2018
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