Vauxhall Zafira rear back door will not unlock

2007 Vauxhall Zafira Problem

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C/L will not unlock rear back door it unlocks all other doors Help

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Could be wiring fault , see previous replies on same fault .


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Posted on 2010 10 30

i had same fault on my turned out tobe the wiring harness from the pillar to the door,if you open the n/s/f door you can access the o/s/r door plug and unconnect it and repair broken wires

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Posted on 2010 11 04

Thanks for all suggestions. This door was open when all others were locked when I tested all the electrics. And Yes another case of 3 wires had failed and needed soldering inside the flexible link from door base to pillar. I damaged this during the wire fix and be warned you cannot buy this rubber boot from Vauxhall (have to buy the whole door wiring loom!) It all working fine now so I will make a new cover from some old master brake cylinder rubber.

Posted on Thursday 2nd of December 2010
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