Mitsubishi L200 Starting problem

2008 Mitsubishi L200 Problem

the problem is this, ther is no voltage for the glow's, but if i take the plug from the whater sensor ther is voltage for the glow's, so first i did, was replacind the water sensor, but stil, wont start at cold water,only if i take the plug from whater off, i have diag tool, but he can't see no problems, and the parameters are good, but stilhe will only give voltage to the glow's only if i take the plug off from the water sensor.
i thing the ECU is entering some king of injury state, and thats why he gives voltage to the glow's.
So ill be greatefull for some advices
CarMitsubishi L200 2.5 DI-D
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Glow plug relay ? IF it's a 2008 is it not still under warranty ?

Posted on Friday 15th of October 2010
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