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Every time it rains or I wash my car I end up with very wet carpets on the drivers side of the car. I think it may be being caused by blocked drainage holes, can any give me any ideas how to solve the problem.

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From a previous post on same fault ,


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Posted on 2010 08 31

Usually caused by the bulkhead water drains getting clogged up and needing cleared .Water cant get away and enters car .This from Corsa forum explains it ,

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You have two water drains below the windshield SCUTTLE BOARD, one on the left and one on the right side.
REMEMBER MY CAR IS A LEFT-STEERING CAR!, so in the right side I have the battery, on your car, you should have the windshield washer fluid tank, thats the only difference.
What you have to do is to clean up both water drains, they get obstructed with dry leaves for exampe, is a very common problem.
I dont know if you will have to remove the washer tank, but, try to introduce a wire (a thik one, about 2-3mm) to ckeck if they are obstructed. Afterwords, throw a little of water, those drains should leak at the bottom of the car.

It wont be necessary to remove the SCUTTLE BOARD, but you can make a better and full cleaning if you remove them. Check below them, there is also a drain which goes from side to side of the car, clean that one also, and if you remove them, why not clean the pollen filter?
Hope that helps, im 99% sure the problem you have is because of those drains!
Good luck pal

Try that first , but if still having problems get back to forum for other possible causes.



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Posted on 2010 09 01

If still having water in after the checks above , have a look at this from Corsa forum .

13-01-2010 13:58
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Posts 7,905 At the right hand side of the windscreen ( from the front of the car ) there is a black box under the scuttle panel. Normally the screw at the top back is missing, once thats done up no more leaks.

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Posts 138 gents i have fixed this proble.
if this is happening to you check the following.
remove the glove box(two torque screws). get someone to throw some water on the windscreen and check if the weater drips by the wiring.
If this happens check all the screws on the electrical box under the bonnet. Its the little black box on the right hand side of the engine to the right of the battery.
Mine was missing screws on the back causing the lid not to be sealed properly. you may have to loosen the scuttle plate!!!!!!
Good luck

Posted on Sunday 3rd of October 2010
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OK For yourself and others that may be reading I have just spent an afternoon fixing a problem with wet carpets on the driver side of a manual 2003 Corsa. After spending £50 on a garage to give it “three coats of good looking at” I decided to have ago myself and the problem is relatively straightforward:

Down by the driver's left foot there is a recess where the steering column goes through the bulkhead. If you place some kitchen paper in that recess and empty two watering cans of water over the windscreen... wait for the water to seep through...if the paper is wet after 5 mins you will probably see the drips of water dripping down from where the clutch cable goes through the bulkhead (this is directly above the recess with the paper stuffed into it). Now if you look under the bonnet (under the plastic grill between the bonnet and the screen) you may see leaves etc collected around the clutch cable (just below the brake fluid reservoir). The garage had cleared the bullhead drains but the water still needs to flow past the obstruction around the clutch cable in order to get to the drain. Clear this lot away and you should be sorted and water will stop seeping along the clutch cable into the car.

Hope it helps

Posted on Saturday 26th of March 2011
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