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Hi just bought two Lagunas one Lag 1 and 1 Lag 2, it is the 2 I am having problems with, the abs light along with the brake light the stop and serv lights are now on they were intermitent now on all the time (once yesterday it went out but back on after reversing off the drive. The sensors look ok, is it poss to be relay problems or worse, appreciate any ideas I can start trying before the dreaded diag test. Cheers Shane
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Check this re. suggested cause of same fault on another forum .

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I have a 2001 Laguna diesel and the ABS , Stop , Serv lights are on and stay on although the car drives and brakes as normal

Ok your fault.The three lights you have are simply saying there is a fault in the ABS system ---somewhere.

As to what you can do yourself - jack the car up so that you can access each wheel..... You need to physically and closley check the ABS sensor - check that it is in positon... fixed firm - and not clogged on the end with muck - or iron filings or anything at all --clean as needed.... and there shoud be a gap of about 2-3 mm between the end of the sensor and the cog ring.

Then you need to check the cogged reluctor ring on each wheel -- the cogs that the sensor points at -- check very carefully that it is nor cracked, chipped, split - teeth missing or corroded...... They need to be in perfect condition -- if not, the problem will be there. Renewal of any suspect part is needed..

Check too the wiring to the sensors -- sometimes the wires break.... check them thoroughly.

Check too - in the fuse box that the ABS fuse is ok.... if blown, replace it.

After all that -- if you don't find anything wrong, the car will need to go on a diagnostic machine to trace the fault --- It doesn't have to be a dealer -- ring around local garages...many have the equipment nowadays.... you just need to ask on the phone if they have the equipment to read the ABS ecu. This will be cheaper than the dealers!

Legally, you cannot do away with the ABS system --- if the car is built with it -- it has to have it ... It would fail the MOT if the light doesn;t do what it should on testing.

Posted on Saturday 18th of September 2010
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