Ford Fiesta poor starting in the mornings

2004 Ford Fiesta Problem

CarFord Fiesta 1.4 tdci turbo diesel 5 door ghia
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hi when trying to start the car in the mornings the engine will turn over for about 4 secs then stops turning over.
the glow plug light sometimes glows sometimes it dont show ie light up.
if the car does start ok and you drive for about 5mins then stop for a short while it will turn over then stop turning over after 4 secs. if you keep it running for more then 5 mins until it starts to warm up then stop it its ok for the rest of the day.
the starting in the mornings is allways the same. ie turn on ign wait for all lights to go out but not glowplug light then turn key engine will turn over for 4 secs then stop .
you have to turn off ign and try again and hopefully it will start but not allways.
you have to keep trying until it will fire up. any idels what problem is note new glow plugs have been fitted.
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Solution 1
mickey p | Driver | Since: Mar 2010 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 60 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

could be glow plug relay switch.

Posted on Saturday 3rd of April 2010
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Solution 2
thomkas_cars | Driver | Since: Nov 2007 | Posts: 2 | Fixes: 1053 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

you may find that replacing the glow plugs will do a world of good and replace the relay at the same time and check the diesel spill of pipes to if unsure replace to as only cost about £4 from motor factors

Posted on Sunday 4th of April 2010
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Solution 3
paulieone | Driver | Since: Aug 2009 | Posts: 4 | Fixes: 1627 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

sounds like starter motor at fault...pulling too much current..

Posted on Tuesday 6th of April 2010
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