Volkswagen Polo Ignition Light and EPC light on

2001 Volkswagen Polo Problem

CarVolkswagen Polo 1.4 S
OwnerRobert Hodgson
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The engine warning light and epc(?)warning light come on and go off from time to time.
I have taken it to the dealers who tell me that the diagnostic computer says that there is nothing wrong with the car.
Any ideas?
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Could have a look at this , might help .

VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Phred Fillips
I have read several items that indicate that the brake pedal s/w can be the cause of the epc light to display.
I have a 2000 x-reg 16v 1.4 Polo estate and there are indeed TWO switches on the pedal.
One is white with two electrical connections and this operates the brake lights - It is sometimes called Switch E.
The other is blue - sometimes called switch F - it looks like a switch, but it is technically called a valve! It also has two wire connections. This switch, or valve is connected to the Engine Control Unit (ecu) and acts as a fuel cut-off device when the car is braking - obviously, the ecu does not want to needlessly pump fuel into the engine when the car is under brake - so if it operates properly slightly improves MPG, particularly if one is doing a lot of stops and starts. From my experience, even with the switch/valve removed,the car will drive normally (although the epc remains on) and some fuel may be lost at the points of braking.
Either, or both switches can be removed, although a little ackward, by kneeling outside the driver's and looking up the pedal stems (after removing any easily removed covering). You will obviously need a torch. Remeber, the white s/w for the brake lights - the blue s/w (valve) for the braking fuel cut-off device.

If you need to replace, try a parts specialist, often much cheaper than a Vw dealership.

VW Polo EPC Warning Light - bert-j
Almost certainly will be a faulty brake light switch - very common on Polo's. Probably nothing else wrong.

VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Aprilia
EPC - Electronic Power Control (i.e. Engine Management system) fault. Means there is most probably something wrong with a sensor signal. Could be the brake light switch as mentioned above. When fault is fixed the light will go out.

Posted on Tuesday 16th of February 2010
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