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2005 Ford Focus Problem

CarFord Focus 1.6tivct
Owneralan hancox
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When driving along an uneven road at slow speeds 15mph, I get a light knocking noise from the passenger side wheel area, "Usually when wet" virtually nothing when dry. Garage changed anti roll bar bushes, top mounts and drop links. The noise has a kind of hollow tone or knock. checked in wheel arch/engine area for any loose plastic knocking around. The noise can be heard going over speed bumps slowly as well, but most anoying is its rattly/knock effect when driving on slightly uneven road surfaces...nothing on a level road. Engine mount (gearbox side) checked as was all componants underneath and all seemed to be tight and no sounds from them, brake bads are ok too as noise is still there when applying brakes... but sound as if there is something really loose under there somewhere.
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Gearbox & Clutch

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Found out it was the fuse box cover in the engine compartment, rattling when cold and in wet damp conditions. When dry and warm the plastic wasn't making the noise so much as I guess the plastic was a little softer due to the engine heat. Although the top cover was closed properly it still rattled and knocked, Gaffa tape secured it better.

Posted on Sunday 6th of December 2009
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