Toyota Hilux inertia seat belts wont work

1993 Toyota Hilux Problem

CarToyota Hilux lucida estima seat belts
Owneranthony Hunt
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my seat belts wont work,when I pull fast they dont catch just carry on pulling out,both sides (front )took them off work perfect,put back on wont work ?,bought new ones,work exactly as the old ones,? there is no way you can fit wrong they only go on one way, will any other belts fit my car ,does any body know thanks, this has been driving me man for weeks tried every thing can some one help as my mot is due thanks again
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whittingehame | Legend | Since: Oct 2009 | Posts: 444 | Fixes: 11950 | View Garage
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Strange how they work o.k off car and new belts do the same .The only time I have had a similar prob. was when the belt was not mounted level .

Posted on Saturday 31st of October 2009
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anthony Hunt | Driver | Since: Aug 2009 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 73 | View Garage
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Hi whittingehame, yes over the years fitted lots of seat belts and there is nothing I have not done to a car,but these belts have got the better of me, the inertia mounting can only go on one way ,it slots into a hole and is bolted down,it is impossible to fit wrong or to get them mixed up by putting on the wrong sides,they are not like the old ones ,as you said (not level ) had that problem in the past with the ball bearing,I have tried everything, a very simple job ,I can hold at any angle even upside down and pull and they work great every time,(off the car ) put them on the car (very slackly fitted they dont work,tighten down a bit more ,dont work,tighten tight dont work,take them off !! they work ,Have tried and tried,will have to by a different model belt,this is the only job on a car that has beaten me ,thanks for your reply

Posted on Sunday 1st of November 2009
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