Ford Galaxy galaxy air vents keep breaking

2008 Ford Galaxy Problem

CarFord Galaxy 2.0
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hi, we got this car new in march 08 and have had an on going problem with the air vents their are five in all three in the middle and one either side of the driver and passenger from the beginning they just keep breaking the mechanism inside just pings off it the vents themselves are circular with two semi circular disks that lift up or down they have digit points on them to show you where to lift them
now first off yes we have kids but no they never sit in the front and never mess with stuff we have taken the car back 4 times now to have new vents fitted they just ping off for no reason i mnean honestly how can you mistreat an air vent ford are now refusing to pay for them to be replaced as it is outside the years warranty but i pointed out that this problem was happening from the start after alot of haggling they agreed to pay 90 percent to replace 4 of the 5 air vents this gives us another years warranty on 4 of the 5 vents however this has not made me happy as ford dealer says no other car has been brought in to them with the same problem then it must be user error well excuse me but it's not so it's my word agasinst theirs my word is that maybe the dash is faulty or the holes too tight causing the vents to be stressed and break their word is that they have had no other problems so we can sod off!! the only good air vent has just broken this weekend the car was sat on a caravan field all weekend and when we got back in it the vent was broken do we have a vent breaking ghost in our car or are we hammering them with our fists lol ford just won't look into it we are being made to feel like liars each time we take the car in it's just not fait whatever happened to the customer always being right and satisfaction to the client i'll tell you what happened to it as soon as they get your money thier relationship with you changes you are no longer important you are just a nuisance to be ignored sorry for the rant but i really have had enough of them

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