Vauxhall Tigra Problem or just stupidity?

2007 Vauxhall Tigra Problem

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Hi everybody.
Got a leak on the drivers side. Seems almost normal for the car... I am quite happy stripping things out to get to the common leakage points but I am having problems getting the drivers seat out and I am loosing hair I haven't got over what would seem a very simple affair.
I have the four bolts out and the seat loose but still attached via the electrical connection for the heated seat. I have popped out the securing whatsit on the side but seemingly I just can't seem to get it to separate.
There is a cover at the top which comes off and you can eyeball the connections but this does not appear that great as a method of separation and looks like the factory connection point.
Can anyone put me out of my misery as I wish to totally remove the seat so as to dry the carpet..... Help..... ????
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Leaks & Noises, Interior and Bodywork

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