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Land Rover Freelander NOISE FROM ENGINE BAY.

2002 Land Rover Freelander Problem

CarLand Rover Freelander 3 DOOR 2LT DIESEL MANUAL SERIES 1
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i have a noise a bit like worn brake pad [ just replaced them thinking it might have been them ] but it sounds as if it's coming from the back of the engine low down . Thats as best as i can describe it , and it's location from in side the car . We have toyed with the idea of one of us lay across the engine whilst the drives it around an empty car park.. It does not happen when accelerating , only when the engine is not under load , ie, when you back off on the throttle or just cruising in any gear .
I think that covers it . Fingers crossed for a straight forward answer . Cheers
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Suggested Solution

HI , update on the above problem. Having had a friend drive the car he thinks the noise might be some thing to do with the prop-shaft. He described the noise more like the sound of a bearing running dry . Could that be the case , and if so , which part might it be. The noise as i have previously mentioned only happens when the car is moving , even with the gearbox in neutral , and as i found out yesterday it is still makes a noise when free-wheeling with the engine off .

Posted on Thursday 7th of February 2019
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