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2005 Vauxhall Vectra Problem

CarVauxhall Vectra 1.9cdi
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I was turning into a junction and the car just cut out was running perfect as I'd just driven 15 mile in it and it just cut out as if it had stalled I went to restart it and nothing just a bit of a clicking noise and a weird noise I tried haveing a jump start and nothing then tryd bumping it and nothing everything is surgesting the battery but I have full lights stereo works just nothing will turn the car over just the engine management light on and the traction control light is staying on any help I'd be extremely greatfull
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Engine, Cooling System & Drivetrain

Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

Solution 1
1/4drive | Auto Insider | Since: Jun 2011 | Posts: 25 | Fixes: 1857 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

Check the earth strap from the battery to any place it bolts to,
Gearbox/body etc.

Posted on Tuesday 8th of May 2018
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Solution 2
whittingehame | Legend | Since: Oct 2009 | Posts: 444 | Fixes: 11848 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

See if engine can be turned over by hand i.e bar / socket on crankshaft or put in gear and rock engine .

Posted on Tuesday 8th of May 2018
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