Nissan Elgrand Brakes wearing out within 3000 mls

1997 Nissan Elgrand Problem

CarNissan Elgrand 3.2 Auto
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My daughter bought this used Elgrand 3yrs ago and is generally pleased with it. BUT on the first MOT it failed on Front brake pads, discs and calipers. The test was done at an MOT only garage so it was probably correct. She had the work done and it passed the MOT. The following year it failed on front pads, discs and calipers again, we took the car back to the repairer but they had closed down. We decided to cut our losses and have Kwik Fit do the job and MOT it themselves, all OK then. Now 14 months later the pads were grinding, took it back to Kwik Fit who said it needed new pads, disc and calipers on the offside only. After less than 5000 miles. When asked why Kwik Fit said "no idea why" This will be the 3rd new disc and caliper and the 6th set of pads within 13000 miles. She only uses her right foot on the brake and doesn't ride the brakes, has anyone any ideas as to the cause of this please
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No car should need what you have described brake wise in the period of time , especially with the callipers . It's possible they have just thrown on new parts without looking for the cause , especially with the people you have been dealing with .A common cause on various makes is for the front brake flex hoses to collapse inside restricting the flowback of brake fluid on releasing foot of brakes . This results in the pads being held on and wearing due to the pistons in callipers not retacting .This may be the reason why they keep wrongly replacing the callipers which may be o.k and not at fault .

Posted on Wednesday 28th of March 2018
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