Ford Mondeo battery losing power overnight.

2009 Ford Mondeo Problem

CarFord Mondeo 2.2 diesel
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Recently I had a new battery fitted by Ford, just before Xmas. The car was'nt used over Xmas as it was frozen over. On going to start the car there was no power to centre consul (radio etc). It started and I used for a couple of days, and on leaving it over new year the battery was dead, an AA man started it and there was a huge discharge when the car is idle. A local car electrician can not
understand it.

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1/4drive | Auto Insider | Since: Jun 2011 | Posts: 25 | Fixes: 1859 | View Garage
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Many Fords run what is called a "Smart charge" system,
Which in lay mans terms means the cars computer or ECU or PCM as Ford call it is responsible for the charging or not on the alternator output.
The PCM can decide to switch off the alternator at say start up then turn it on when it decides if conditions are right.
Net result of all this electrickery is any alternator/battery charging fault must start with a full diagnostic scan.
Preferably with Ford's diagnostic system.
It needs to be determined just when and how much charge the system is outputting.
Not the kind of thing most mechanics have come across.

Posted on Friday 12th of January 2018
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" no power to centre consul (radio etc). " this is normal on Fords when the battery is low . With regard to " was a huge discharge " did the car electrician test for a parasitic drain ?

Posted on Friday 12th of January 2018
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