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For some reason my front windscreen demister has stopped working. I get hot air form all other vents but when i turn it on to my windscreen i get nothing coming out. Any ideas as to what might have happened .

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Check it's not on air recirculation .Also found this which I don't know if it works or not , could try .

Vauxhall Insignia - Front Windscreen demister only blos out of the dashboard vents and won't chnage to blow on the screen when the button is pressed ...Anyone had this problem and know how to fix?

Posted by Michelle on Jan 15, 2013

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Michelle Jan 30, 2013

Found a solution seems to fix it in case anyone else is having a problem...the airconditioning

Michelle Jan 30, 2013

symbol and auto needs to be left on for about a minute before you press the window demister button, it then seems to work fine...what we also found out is that if you get out of the car and lock it and wiat a few moments before getting back in it seems to reset itself and work away once you start off by using the airconditioning and auto button on first...maybe i'm just cluthching at straws!!

Posted on Friday 15th of December 2017
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