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CarMitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DiD
OwnerWinters Dawn
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Has anyone had any experience with the gearboxes "blowing" in a Shogun.. Mine has just done it for a 2nd time, let me explain. As I pulled away from a junction the truck jumped out of first gear and there was a loud bang, NO DRIVE at all, yes it was fully selected into first. Replaced the original gearbox with a 2nd hand one that had supposedly done about 70k miles. That was back in June, now last Friday it did exactly the same, it's the splined shaft going into the transfer box. It does have fair bit of back slap from the diff unless I'm really careful letting the clutch out slowly!! Never had this with the old 2.5 model....
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It does sound like the transfer box is the problem.
Like you state spline wear could cause both first and second box faults.
So I'd be looking at the internal splines for excess wear.
May be nothing wrong with the box.

Posted on Monday 30th of October 2017
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Thanks will get dearly beloved to check that. The splines on the shaft out of the gearbox seem to be badly worn, there's quite a shoulder where it's not in the transfer box. Trans box splinters were cleaned up to check them last time and seemed fine, upon splitting the 2 again there was a bit of "dust" for want of a better description there.. Saying about the transfer box it did a few weeks ago when I was towing a horsebox with 1 horse in it stink to high heaven and it crunched as we were driving like I was changing gear badly!!!

Posted on Monday 30th of October 2017
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