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Right this is a bit of a long one. I have a ford focus ghia 2.0 55 plate.
Problem started 2 weeks ago when the spring which brings the clutch back up snaps so I take it to the garage to get replaced. Gets replaced but whilst driving I realise its very tight like doing weight training on your leg, later on that day I go shopping come back to the car and it won't start, doesn't turn over does nothing apart from all lights on dash alight and the immobiliser flashes....eventually 10 mins later it starts.

Next problem whilst driving, speed limited mode flashes and engine systems fault. Speedometer stops working. Lights on dashboard light up. This doesn't affect any performance with the car. This happens then clears and leaves just the engine management light. The car intermittently doesn't start as above nearly every day, fine when you first start it, its only after driving and turning off the car a few times that it doesn't start but eventually does.

It has been plugged in at the garage and codes read as anti theft and fuel pump. Tried using the spare key but this doesn't fix the issue, also the starter motor has been replaced.

I am at a complete loss I just find it incredibly odd we had no issue with the car up until the clutch spring issue.

Any help appreciated.
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Replacing with the correct spring should not make the clutch as heavy as you describe if it was operating fine prior to replacing .If still heavy must be too heavy a spring , incorrectly fitted or fault with pedal / carrier .If other faults appeared immediately after repair you should have returned to garage and complained .That car does suffer from instrument cluster faults which covers many of the faults you are having .Garage cant rectify fault codes ?

Not an automatic g/box ?

Posted on Tuesday 18th of April 2017
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