Vauxhall Astra ECU?

2005 Vauxhall Astra Problem

CarVauxhall Astra 1.6 Elite
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Car starts to misfire under heavier throttles, misfire acts as a rev limiter and at different speeds, though usually after a decent warm up period. The engine warning light may come on then may start flashing, this may stop after a period of gentle driving or after a rest period! There are trouble free periods, but it always returns. At £6-700 for a new ECU this is no joke! First garage visit produced "Intermittent misfire" I didn't need to be told what the problem was, I needed it fixed! Coil pack was renewed then spark plugs. No change. Went to a Vauxhall dealer and said no diagnosis was forthcoming from their diagnostic tools! Though their human driver experienced it. They suggested the ECU, but couldn't guarantee it would fix the problem. It could be the exhaust gas re-circulation valve control, or one of the sensors... So after nearly £300 I am no better off!
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Plenty of companies that will test the ECU on the net.
Usually around £45-55.
Though it starting and driving would lead me away from the ECU being suspect.
A good diagnostic specialist can run a "flight test" which is a scanner hooked up then the car driven and all aspects of the ECU control are recorded for later study.
EGR faults normally show up as uneven idle speed so again not my first choice of suspect.
This could be so many things that the flight mode test might narrow it down but without it your/we're just guessing.
So I'm saying either get the ECU tested or find a capable diagnostic technician.
Hard part for you is telling the difference from capable to some one with a scanner.
Best advice is check for a local Bosh diagnostic specialist.
They're usually well trained.

Posted on Saturday 1st of October 2016
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