Seat Ibiza Seat Throw Away Engine?????

2009 Seat Ibiza Problem

CarSeat Ibiza 1.4 TDI (BMS 6L)
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I recently had a big problem with my engine. With only 60,000 miles, the engine suddenly lost power and let out a screeching sound. At first I thought it was seizing but found that one of the conrods had broken but fortunately did not take the block or the pistons with it. It did cause some scoring on the crankshaft.

Took to a mechanic who re-build the whole engine except the pistons as they were fine. New camshaft, hydraulic lifters, ground the crankshart, fitted new big-end and crank shaft shells, new oil pump, and all the sundries.

When the car started it sounded OK but the engine management and coil lights were on. My mechanics computer could not determine the codes properly so I drove the car to Seat main dealer for a diagnostic.

They were of course less than happy!!

They determined there was a broken cable and so replaced it. Then they determined one of the sensors was gone. Car would not start! Disconnect sensor - car starts but is still in protection mode.

Now they are telling me that this engine is an engine which is never repairable yet they sold me the spares to repair it!!!!!!

Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be - the main dealer is now just scratching his head and his arse. About all his hands are useful for!!

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Engine, Cooling System & Drivetrain

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I'm a little worried about the pistons.
Short of tearing it down it might be possible to measure down an injector hole with a vernier caliper to check piston height at TDC.
I've done this in the past when owners have tried to submarine their vehicles.
Your looking for all the pistons to measure the same height.
Or if your guy's equipped a 'scope trace from an amp clamp on the starter cable would give comparative compressions.
And try to get a code read print out from the dealers.

Posted on Tuesday 27th of September 2016
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