Ford Focus Battery drain

2008 Ford Focus Problem

CarFord Focus Cc3
OwnerJoanna Jewiss
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Hi I have something causing
Battery drain it's been to auto electrician 2 times in the past 3 months
It had a new alternator in March 2016 along with new battery and a new
Door module which cost over £1000 in June the battery totally drained again I got a new battery fitted incase it was a faulty battery as no fault codes were showing up in August the same issue occurred auto electrician has basically said he can't detect a fault which is clearly there as car won't start again and battery totally flat again any help appreciated as I have a car I can't use
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Engine, Cooling System & Drivetrain

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Suggested Solution

Everything with a "chip" is connected into what is called "Can Bus" system.
You've had the door module renewed,
That's just one.
Even the sound system is chipped and connected.
So one of these modules isn't shutting down when its supposed to.
Common faults in the dash/speedo module or the big fuse relay panel up under the dash in the passengers foot well.
All I can suggest is you get your spark back or find another one and get them to do a "GLOBAL SCAN" with ford diagnostics.
The alternative is a bit shotgun.
Disconnect each module and monitor the battery draw each time.
This "ought" to show up where the draw is located.
Like I stated shotgun.

Posted on Wednesday 21st of September 2016
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