Vauxhall Astra same screaming noise

2009 Vauxhall Astra Problem

CarVauxhall Astra 1.7
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i put on about screaming noise i got a reply about turbo problem apparently the three month warranty was from day i purchashed the car not the day i collected it 2 weeks later i paid for car then went on holiday as i was,nt back til 1 june when i taxed it i went seen dealer who just said they do that sometimes
i told him i had,nt had a log book but log book turned up this morning 15/08/2016 in post
in the special notes it says
1 declared new at first registration
2 this vehicle has been salvaged because the estimated cost of commercial repair was more than the value of the vehicle

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Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres

Leaks & Noises, Interior and Bodywork

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1/4drive | Auto Insider | Since: Jun 2011 | Posts: 25 | Fixes: 1847 | View Garage
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Could be but it could have been a damaged/repaired vehicle.
the repair bills for even apparent slightly damaged vehicles can be more than the value of said vehicle.
Put your crashed/damaged vehicle into a main body shop and the costs can be staggering!
Could be it was repaired on a budget.
You'd have to contact the owner at the time for an idea of just what was damaged.

Posted on Monday 15th of August 2016
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Solution 2
whittingehame | Legend | Since: Oct 2009 | Posts: 444 | Fixes: 11829 | View Garage
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Posted on Monday 15th of August 2016
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