Seat Ibiza sticking rear badge/catch

2011 Seat Ibiza Problem

CarSeat Ibiza 1.2 S ecomotive
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the Badge that doubles as the rear door catch does not return to its flat position when opening the hatch. I know this is a common problem on seats as I've seen a few with it. I've tried wd40 but no luck!!
Any clues as to how to fix?

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I never use WD 40 for this,
it is in fact an oil which dries out and causes more sticking problems in the long run.
What I use with good results is Graphite powder.
Which is basically ground down pencil lead,
which if you didn't know is amazingly slippy stuff and doesn't dry out.
Use the nozzle to puff as much as you want into the mechanism and work the catch back and forth.
Sure Ebay sells it.
The only thing I'd use inside locks.

Posted on Saturday 23rd of April 2016
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