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Any renault with a AL4 /DPO transmission ,the problems with this unit is that Renault will tell you not to change the fluid while every other mfg on the planet will tell you to change the fluid at 30,000 miles , the renault just keeps pumping the fluid around the system ,debris from the clutch /bands causes damage to valve body /seals /EVM valves /solinoids /bearings /bushings /and torque converter ,
To change the fluid do it after a run WEAR GLOVES undo the level plug put an 8mm key up the hole and undo the level tube ,with the engine running in neutral it will pump out the fluid ,put the internal back in and refill with fresh fluid until it starts to run out of the level plug .
DONT FOR GET TO GET THE COUNTER RESET ,either at the dealers or a transmission shop this is important ,and ONLY USE A TOP GRADE SYNTHETIC FLUID !
hope it helps !
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