Ford Fiesta Glow plug light not coming on

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CarFord Fiesta 1.4 tdci
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Hi I don't have the coil light coming on when I turn the key in my ignition, it was definetley cold enough for it to be coming on yet it didn't, I checked the fuse and there was power there then I checked the relay and it was totally dead, so I fitted a new relay and tried it yet it's still not coming on?? Anyone have any ideas?

If the glow plugs themselves are knackered will this prevent the light coming on? Cheers
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Did you check BOTH fuses?
F #3 60 A main feed to the glow plugs,
and F13 20A powers the glow plug module.
Which is switch controled by the engine ECU,
But common rail diesel engines have to be really cold for activation.
and by cold I'm talking sub 10/14 below zero.
I'm fairly sure that engine may need the glow plugs to operate for DPF regeneration but not for starting.
Not like old school diesels.
Oh and glow plug activation is governed by the coolant temperature sensor.
So you may have a fault or not.
The way I test it is to remove the coolant temperature sensor and spray it with freeze O spray,
Get it in maplins,
This will form ice/frost and chill the CTS way down then see if the coil lamp then comes on.
But as stated these have to be at arctic temps before normal activation.

Posted on Wednesday 25th of November 2015
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